When to Replace Commercial Air Conditioning

hvac technician working on rooftop unitIn many ways, air conditioning is one of the hardest-working members of your business’s staff. It works tirelessly around the clock to keep your property comfortable for employees, customers, and guests alike. That’s why, when something goes wrong, fixing it is likely your first priority.

However, not all commercial air conditioning systems can be fixed after a major problem or after having recurring problems. In fact, some malfunctions can bring an AC system down for good. When that happens, it’s tempting to simply schedule repairs – but are repairs always the most cost-effective option?

AC replacement in Conroe, TX, is often the better option for air conditioning systems with severe issues. This is because electing to repair a chronic problem over and over can quickly cost you more than if you had simply replaced the system to begin with. Not only that, because your system is no longer working as efficiently, you’ll likely end up paying more for less cooling power.

If you’re unsure whether your system needs to be replaced, it’s a good idea to consult an HVAC contractor. They can assess your unit and determine whether a few parts need to be replaced, or whether the system is ready to be retired. Either way, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the cost-effective choice for your business when you call Air On Time AC at (281) 883-9972.

Prepare for Summer with Commercial AC Tune-Ups

hvac technicianAs a business owner, the last thing you need is for your AC to fail at the height of summer – especially in Texas. Air conditioning is an essential feature of any business, one that customers depend on. That’s why it’s well worth your time to schedule regular tune-ups before temperatures start to hit record highs. Otherwise, you may find yourself sweating to schedule AC repair in Conroe, TX, at the last minute.

Tune-ups play a critical role in any commercial AC maintenance routine. Just as you have your vehicle’s tires rotated regularly, you’d do well to have your property’s air conditioning system checked over by a professional. Ideally, this service should be scheduled biannually – once before the weather starts to turn hot, and at the end of the summer after a few months of vigorous use.

Tune-ups give contractors the chance to assess your air conditioning unit for early signs of trouble. Small issues caught early on won’t have the chance to develop into larger, more expensive problems. You’ll keep money in your pocket, where it belongs. And best of all, you’re less likely to be caught flat-footed by an unexpected AC emergency.

Contact Air On Time AC at (281) 883-9972 to schedule your commercial tune-up service.

How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for a Big Storm

lightningWhether you’re worried about a major thunderstorm, tornado season, or an approaching hurricane, preparation is key. As you’re getting your home storm-ready, don’t neglect to prepare your HVAC and electrical system. Some steps you can take to prevent damage include:

Invest in Surge Protectors: Get a surge protector for any heavy appliance like ovens, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Surge protectors plug into your wall outlet and will automatically shut down power to that outlet if there’s a sudden increase in voltage – preventing damage to your appliance and electrical system.

Anchor Outside Cooling Equipment: When you have an outside AC unit, you must ensure it is securely affixed to the ground. The best option is to have your equipment installed on a concrete pad. You can also use hurricane straps to anchor equipment and keep it safe from high-speed winds.

Cover Your Equipment: If it is safe outside and you have time, shut down your HVAC system and cover the outdoor unit with a tarp before a big storm hits to prevent damage from flying debris. Be sure to remove the tarp before you turn the system on again.

No matter how carefully you prepare, sometimes damage still occurs. When that happens, be sure to choose our trusted professionals for AC repair in Tomball, TX.

Smart vs. Programmable Thermostats: What’s the Difference?

digital thermostatWhen you’re upgrading your cooling system, one of the biggest choices to make is what kind of thermostat to use. Thanks to modern technology, there are more choices than ever before, including numerous varieties of smart thermostats and programmable thermostats. You might wonder what the difference is — and which one is right for you.

A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set temperature for various points throughout the day and week. For example, you can program the thermostat to drop to a lower temperature 30 minutes before you get home from work so your rooms are comfortably cool when you arrive. This feature helps you save energy and money since you don’t have to cool or warm your property when no one is around.

Smart thermostats take functionality to the next level. They track the temperature changes you make in order to learn your preferences and habits. Based on your data, they can self-program, so you don’t need to remember to do it yourself. Furthermore, many newer models connect to your Wi-Fi so you can control your thermostat via your phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Learn more about the options available to you or schedule air conditioning repair in Conroe, TX, by talking to our technicians.

Rely on Air On Time for Commercial Heating Repair in Conroe, TX

heating repair Conroe txOne of your top priorities as a business is making sure that your customers and employees are comfortable while in your building. To ensure this, you need to make sure your heating system is in top condition. While winter in Texas is usually pretty mild, you may find yourself in need of some extra heat this winter. When you work with Air On Time AC for commercial heating repair in Conroe, TX, you can keep your customers and employees toasty and warm all winter.

Licensed Technicians

Our HVAC technicians are highly trained and fully licensed to ensure that they are ready to handle any problem you may be having with your heating system. They are dedicated to making sure that your facility is comfortable for your customers and employees.

Tune-up Service

Air On Time AC offers a regular tune-up service to help you avoid costly repairs in the future. With a regular tune-up, you can ensure that you get the most out of your system. Remember, when an HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, you pay higher utility costs, so it pays to get an inspection and tune-up yearly.

Top Brands Available

When your HVAC system is coming to the end of its lifespan, and you need a new heater, you can rely on our team to provide you with some of the best energy-efficient systems on the market from leading name brands like Amana, Lennox, Trane, Carrier, and more.

Contact Air On Time AC at (281) 883-9972 for commercial heating repair in Conroe, TX, and the surrounding areas.

3 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Heater

heating repair Conroe txIt doesn’t get cold in Texas very often, but it when it does you need to be sure that your heater is working efficiently. At Air On Time AC, our HVAC contractors can perform a wide variety of repairs for your system, but if you keep these three things in mind you can extend the life of your heater and prevent the need for repairs.

Replace the Filters

Replacing your filters on a regular basis is crucial. Dirty air filters force your heater to run longer, work harder, and consume more energy. Not only does not replacing the filters shorten the lifespan of your heater, but it can also cause your utility costs to skyrocket. Replace your filter every three months to ensure that your heater is working in optimum condition, and check the filters each month during high-usage months.

Get a Regular Inspection

If you want to avoid costly repairs, it is essential to get a yearly inspection. Our HVAC professionals can spot small problems before they become difficult to repair. You might even avoid having to get an entirely new system before the lifespan of your heater is up.

Get a Tune-up

When you schedule your yearly inspection, you should also get a general tune-up. Our HVAC contractors will make small adjustments and repairs to make sure your heating system is in excellent condition so that you never have to worry if the heat will work the next time a cold snap hits.

When you need heating repair in Conroe, TX, contact the experienced team at Air On Time AC at (281) 883-9972.

Common Central Heating Issues – Pt. 2

hvac technicianIn our last post, we talked about how heat loss, airlocks, and frequent cycling can be signs of a problem with your furnace. Here are three more common heating issues that you may encounter with your central heat this winter:

Pilot Light Won’t Stay On – When your pilot light won’t stay on, this could indicate a problem with your gas line. You should call your gas company so that they can check on your gas supply. It’s possible that a damaged air seal is preventing gas from making it to the pilot light.

Malfunctioning Thermostat – If you have erratic heat or no heat it might not be your heater at all – it could be your thermostat. Check to make sure that your thermostat is set to the correct setting. It is possible that your thermostat could be having power problems or the program setting are not running correctly. Read our post on troubleshooting your thermostat for additional help.

Weird Noises – Strange noises coming from your heating system are never a good thing. If you hear gushing, creaking, pinging, or clanging sounds coming from your heater, you should call the technicians at Air On Time AC for heating repair in Conroe, TX. We can identify and fix problems with your heating system before they become an expensive issue.

Call our team at (281) 883-9972 for prompt and efficient HVAC repair in Conroe and the surrounding areas.

Common Central Heating Issues – Pt. 1

hvac technicianAs winter sets in, even Texans are turning on the heat. There is no convenient time for your central air to break down, so it’s important to watch for signs that it may not be running as efficiently as it should. Here are a few common issues to look out for when you own a central heating system:

Heat Loss – If your heater does not seem to be heating your home adequately, or the heat is not evenly distributed around your house, it can be the result of a few different common issues. These issues include an airlock, clogged or dirty filters, and airlock.

Air Lock – Sometimes air can become trapped in your pipes, which prevents hot water from moving through your system. This may require a technician to back-flush the heating system or bleed the radiators.

Frequent On/Off Cycling – If your furnace keeps cycling on and off more frequently than it should, you should call a technician to get your heater fixed as soon as you can. This frequent cycling can be caused by any number of issues like low water pressure, a pump problem, issues with your thermostat, or a closed valve.

These are just three common issues that you may run into this winter. In our next post, we will cover three more problems for which to look out. When you need heater repair in Conroe, TX, contact the team at Air On Time AC at (281) 883-9972.

Why is My Furnace so Noisy? – Pt. 2

repair technicianIn our last post, we talked about how strange sounds coming from your furnace can be a sign that you need heating repair in Conroe, TX. Scraping, thumping, and humming noises can all spell trouble for your furnace. Here are three more noises you may be hearing in your furnace and what they probably mean:

Squealing – Squealing noises in your furnace can be indicative of everything from a lack of lubricant to a loose fan belt. If you do not know how to oil or tighten a blower belt, it is recommended that you call a professional to handle the job.

Banging – A banging sound could be the result of the sheet metal siding of your furnace bending inward during the start-stop cycle. If you are hearing banging sounds in your furnace it could be a sign of closed vents, a clogged filter, or even an undersized duct.

Rumbling – Rumbling noises in your furnace could mean a problem with your burner. If you hear constant rumbling coming from your heating unit, turn it off immediately and call a professional.

Attempting to fix a heater on your own can be dangerous. If you notice strange noises coming from your furnace, call the technicians at Air On Time AC at (281) 883-9972. Our team is ready to assist you with all of your heating and cooling needs.

Why is My Furnace so Noisy? – Pt. 1

repair technician When your appliances start to make unusual noises, it’s more than just annoying – it’s a sign of a potentially serious problem. When your furnace is making strange noises, it is usually time to call a professional for heating repair in Conroe, TX. Here is a guide to common furnace noises and their meaning:

Scraping – If you hear scraping or the sound of metal hitting metal, it can be one of three things:

  1. Loose Blower Wheel – When the blower wheel becomes loose it can scrape the housing. If this continues, the wheel can do damage to both itself and the blower wheel housing.
  2. Broken Blower Wheel – If the blower wheel is broken it will vibrate around in the housing, causing scraping, squealing, and banging sounds.
  3. Broken Motor Mount – If the motor mount is broken it causes the blower wheel to rattle against the housing.

Thumping – A thumping noise could be the result of an unbalanced motor or blower wheel. It is advisable to go to a professional if you hear thumping noises in your heater.

Humming – You may just have a loud transformer, but if your furnace is giving you issues and you hear a humming sound it could mean you are dealing with a bad interior capacitor or fan.

These are just a few of the sounds that you may be hearing from your furnace. Stay tuned for our next post where we will discuss three more sounds you may hear from a malfunctioning heater.