Common Central Heating Issues – Pt. 2

hvac technicianIn our last post, we talked about how heat loss, airlocks, and frequent cycling can be signs of a problem with your furnace. Here are three more common heating issues that you may encounter with your central heat this winter:

Pilot Light Won’t Stay On – When your pilot light won’t stay on, this could indicate a problem with your gas line. You should call your gas company so that they can check on your gas supply. It’s possible that a damaged air seal is preventing gas from making it to the pilot light.

Malfunctioning Thermostat – If you have erratic heat or no heat it might not be your heater at all – it could be your thermostat. Check to make sure that your thermostat is set to the correct setting. It is possible that your thermostat could be having power problems or the program setting are not running correctly. Read our post on troubleshooting your thermostat for additional help.

Weird Noises – Strange noises coming from your heating system are never a good thing. If you hear gushing, creaking, pinging, or clanging sounds coming from your heater, you should call the technicians at Air On Time AC for heating repair in Conroe, TX. We can identify and fix problems with your heating system before they become an expensive issue.

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