If your AC unit is acting up, it can be difficult to decide whether you should get a replacement or AC repair in Atascocita, Texas. For some tips on making this decision, please read on!

Efficiency of Your AC Unit

One of the things you need to consider to make your decision is to determine if your AC unit is as efficient as it could be. Some factors for determining this is the age of the unit, if it does not cool your home properly, or your energy bills are higher than they should be. If any of these sounds like your AC unit, you most likely will want to bypass an AC repair in Atascocita, Texas, and instead just get an entire replacement from our experts. The reason is because even if we do a repair, it might not be worth it in the long run, especially money wise.

Age of Your AC Unit

Following our last point, the age of your AC unit is a huge factor in whether you should get a replacement or an AC repair in Atascoita, Texas. If your AC unit is at least ten years old, you should definitely consider a replacement. The reason is because your model is probably not as efficient as a newer model. With the rise in technology, there are a lot of options for a more energy efficient and cost saving unit. For example, a lot of older models run on a 10 SEER, or Season Energy Efficiency Ratio. Current models operate on a minimum of 13 SEER. With one of these newer models, you can expect a house that requires less energy and time to cool down your entire home. This means that over time, you can expect a lower electricity bill.

Frequency of AC Repairs

If you are scheduling an AC repair in Atascocita, Texas every other week, this is a huge sign you should just replace the unit. While occasional minor repairs are expected for a unit, especially during the summer when you are using it a lot, it is not normal to have our technicians come frequently for a repair.


To see if you need a replacement or AC repair in Atascocita, Texas, please trust in our experts and schedule a consultation by calling (281) 883-9972.