Get Commercial AC Maintenance to Help Increase Employee Productivity

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Whether you are the owner of a company or a building manager, you may be wondering how often commercial AC maintenance is needed for your building. There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding how often your building needs commercial AC maintenance, such as the building size, how many AC units are being used, etc.

Get Commercial AC Maintenance to Help Increase Employee Productivity

Despite those factors, it is a good idea to have maintenance appointments in the spring, before the weather outside becomes too hot, and in the fall, after the air conditioning has been used so much. If issues come up throughout the summer, then you will also need to have commercial AC maintenance.

Air conditioning is essential to have to keep employees comfortable when it’s hot outside and will also help their productivity. Here are a few things that can be caused by lack of or poorly working air conditioning in the workplace:

  • Humidity can cause a lot of discomfort for employees and affect their productivity. Humid air is heavier and does not allow for sweat to evaporate as easily. It makes employees feel tired, as well as uncomfortable, which decreases their productivity. Properly working air conditioning helps take out excessive humidity, thus helping employees to be more comfortable and productive.
  • High temperatures can cause employees to tire more easily, which obviously decrease their productivity. Being in uncomfortable heat can also cause employees to become more easily stressed and irritable, which can affect their productivity as well. Properly working air conditioning keeps employees cool enough to be able to stay focused on their work.

In order to avoid these adverse effects in the workplace, contact us at Air On Time AC for all of your commercial AC maintenance needs. We will make sure your air conditioning will work efficiently and keep your employees comfortable so they can do their best work.