Hire Us To Perform Your Routine AC Maintenance

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Air conditioners go through a lot of wear and tear, especially when frequently used in the Conroe, Texas area. You should make a habit of hiring a professional to perform routine maintenance in order to keep your air conditioning system running as best as it possibly can.

Hire Us To Perform Your Routine AC Maintenance

With over 30 years in this business, and over 11 years in this company, our team can handle any AC maintenance requests, including these typical maintenance services:

  • Thermostat checkup: As your thermostat allows you to control the usage and temperature of your AC system, calibrating the thermostat is a pretty essential part of the AC maintenance process. Calibrating your thermostat can help ensure efficiency, especially during the summertime.
  • Safety inspection: You should always make sure your AC is running safely. Typical maintenance involves checking the controls, drains, and the safety features that make up your AC system.
  • Keep parts in top condition: There are parts of your AC system that should be regularly lubricated as the parts move and create friction. Other parts of the AC system should be checked, fixed, and maintained so everything flows and works the way it should.
  • Clean air filter: A dirty air filter in your AC system will allow dirty air to circulate throughout your home. You could also risk mold growth and air restriction, which can potentially lead to more serious problems.

Keep your AC in its best condition with our AC maintenance services. Give us a call at Air On Time AC for more information today!