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We recommend an annual heating maintenance service visit.

At Air On Time AC, we believe that scheduling heating maintenance before temperatures drop is a great way to ensure your furnace functions as it should when you need it. It is also beneficial for ensuring it performs efficiently so that your heating bills are as low as possible throughout the season.

Heating Maintenance in Conroe, Texas

At Air On Time AC, we recommend an annual heating maintenance service visit, ideally in the fall, but if it has been a long time since you’ve had one done, we advise contacting us even if winter is already upon us.

It might surprise you how involved heating maintenance is. It is a combination of inspection, cleaning, adjusting, and taking care of any repairs that are needed. We’ll perform a 21-point precision tune-up as part of our heating maintenance program. This service includes:

  1. Check condenser coil condition
  2. Check voltage & amperage on motors
  3. Check condensate drain and pans
  4. Check refrigerant charge
  5. Check motor bearings for wear
  6. Test compressor starting capabilities
  7. Lubricate outside fan
  8. Check air temperature drop across the evaporator
  9. Check fan on outside condensing unit
  10. Water wash condenser coil
  11. Inspect all electrical components
  12. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
  13. Test capacitors
  14. Inspect all air filters
  15. Check all electrical wiring
  16. Check compressor amp draw
  17. Check contactor for burnt & pitted points
  18. Check disconnect
  19. Check thermostat
  20. Check indoor fan for balance & cleanliness
  21. Check service valves for leakage

We alert you to any issues that we have found during the heating maintenance visit and address your questions about the recommended course of action. We’ll also inform you about the overall condition and provide an estimate on the remaining functional life of your furnace or boiler. Don’t get left in the cold! Call Air On Time AC today to schedule an appointment at your Conroe, Texas home, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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