Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Service in Kingwood, TX, and Nearby Areas

To ensure your AC unit is working the way it should, you should learn some warning signs that will signify when you need an air conditioning service in Kingwood, TX, and surrounding areas.

Poor Air Flow

If you are noticing that the air flow of your AC unit is weak or minimal, this might be a sign that your compressor is failing. However, if there are areas in your home that are still getting cold, while others are not, the problem might be with the duct work. Another reason there is poor air flow is because over time, debris can collect in your air conditioning vents. The blockage obstructs the airflow but more importantly, the debris can cause health problems for you and your family.

No Cool Air

If no cool air is flowing from your air conditioning unit then you will want to schedule a visit as soon as possible. A lack of cold air could mean the compressor in your system failed or that the Freon in your unit needs to be replenished.

Weird Smell

If your air conditioner unit is expelling an odd smell when you turn it on, it might mean the wire insulation is burned out. If it is a musty smell, it could mean there is mold inside your unit or ductwork. To prevent these issues from happening, you should schedule regular air conditioning maintenance visits from the experts at Air On Time AC!


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