Affordable AC Tune-Ups in Conroe, Texas

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Take Advantage of Our $69 Tune-Up Special!

Properly maintaining your AC system is key to keeping your unit working efficiently while enhancing its longevity. Call to schedule your AC tune-up with us now and we’ll perform a 21-point inspection for just $69!

When Was the Last Time Someone Looked at Your HVAC System?

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Here’s what we’ll do during your 21-point inspection and tune-up:

  1. Check condenser coil condition
  2. Check voltage and amperage on motors
  3. Check condensate drain and pans
  4. Check refrigerant charge
  5. Check motor bearings for wear
  6. Test compressor starter capabilities
  7. Lubricate outside fan
  8. Check air temperature drop across the evaporator
  9. Check fan on outside condensing unit
  10. Water wash condenser coil
  11. Inspect all electrical components
  12. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
  13. Test capacitors
  14. Inspect all air filters & replace with customer provided filters
  15. Check all electrical wiring
  16. Check compressor amp draw
  17. Check contactor for burnt & pitted points
  18. Check disconnect
  19. Check thermostat
  20. Check indoor fan for balance & Cleanliness
  21. Check service valves for leakage

We’ll let you know if your system needs any repairs and provide a quote for the work while we’re there. Call us now to schedule your tune-up for just $69!