Tune-Ups Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Like all of the appliances in your home, your air conditioning unit is susceptible to the wear and tear that comes naturally with daily use. However, you don’t have to wait for a breakdown to tell you something is wrong. With regular tune-ups from Air On Time AC, it’s easy to keep your machine in excellent working condition, as well as stay on top of problems as they develop.

Even with regular tune-ups, though, some units will eventually need professional AC repair. In Conroe, Texas, you can depend on our team to be there when you need us. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen – instead, reach out to request our presence at your home as soon as you suspect your AC unit is malfunctioning. The sooner we’re able to treat it, the longer your unit will last.

What Happens During a Tune-Up?

Many people understand the principle of a tune-up: it’s a procedure meant to improve the quality of something. However, very few people know what an AC tune-up actually entails. For Air On Time AC, a tune-up involves inspecting your machine, including the individual parts, and searching for places it could be improved. This gives us the chance to replace faulty parts.

During a tune-up, our technicians will also check for areas that may need fixing. Even small issues need prompt AC repair in Conroe – otherwise, you could end up feeling the full brunt of a Texas summer when your unit fails. Instead of giving little issues the chance to develop into full-blown, expensive problems, schedule regular tune-ups with our team and enjoy peace of mind.

When to Schedule Tune-Ups

The best time to schedule air conditioning tune-ups is when the weather changes. Summer is prime time for AC repair in Conroe – that’s because hundreds of homeowners are waking up to broken AC units that should have been tuned-up in the spring. Kick-start your spring cleaning with a tune-up this year. Your family will be glad you stayed on top of your AC unit’s needs when the weather becomes even warmer later on.

Contact our team when you suspect you need professional AC repair. We proudly serve the residents of Conroe, Texas, and surrounding areas.