When to Call for Heating Repair in Conroe, TX

In our last article, we shared five telltale signs that you need heating repair in Conroe, TX. However, those five signs are not the only way to know if your furnace is in need of repairs. Here are four more warning signs that you need to call the technicians at Air On Time for furnace repair:

You are experiencing weak airflow – Place your hand against the vents in your home. If it feels like very little air is coming through, it could be a sign of problems with your furnace. Whether it is a minor issue or a major one, it is important to call an experienced HVAC technician to ensure that your home remains comfortable during the colder months.

The thermostat doesn’t function – Does it seem like no matter how much you turn the dial your home is still not warm enough? If your thermostat seems like it is no longer doing its job, it may be a sign that you need heating repair in Conroe, TX. This could also be a sign of electrical issues, which are dangerous to attempt to fix on your own. It is best to call your HVAC technician for any thermostat issues you are experiencing.

You’re hearing strange noises – Hearing weird noises emanating from your heating unit is a major red flag. No matter what the unusual noise it, it is best to get in touch with the HVAC specialists at Air On Time to determine whether this is a problem that requires repair or a full replacement of your unit.

Your heater kicks on and off frequently – It’s normal to hear your furnace kicking on and off as it adjusts to create the ideal temperature within your home. However, if you are hearing your furnace cycling constantly or more frequently than usual, this is a sign that your heater is overworking itself. This can be caused by a range of issues from a clogged filter to more serious complications.

If you suspect that there may be a problem with your furnace, call the experts at Air On Time right away for heating repair in Conroe, TX and the surrounding cities. You can reach us today at 218.883.9972.